Entry to Campus/Security

Campus securityThe security officers and the guards on campus have the authority to request ID cards as well as search through your car and belongings (briefcases, handbags, etc.) brought by pedestrians.

Private vehicles need authorization to get into the campus (taxis are exempt, but the passenger has to provide an ID). This can be obtained at the Security, close to the bus terminal at the main entrance.
If you order a taxi from inside the campus, you should call Security (02-6585000) to allow its entrance.

Private vehicles need a parking permit to use campus parking areas. Contact your Department secretary for further information.

The gate on Derech Belfour is open 24/7, and is the only one accessible on Saturdays and holidays.

The Botanical Garden gate can be accessed 24/7 by pedestrians with their finger print. For that you have to get registered at the Security (close to the bus terminal at the main entrance).