Basic Hebrew Words

Basic Hebrew Words


Many people in Israel speak another language in addition to Hebrew and most can get by in English. So the changes of getting too lost in Israel are slim. At the same time, the experience of being in a foreign country is enriched by having at least a few words to share in conversation or to use at the market. Below are some basic words and expressions that may be of use to you during your stay. But, first, here are some general tips on pronunciation:
"a" is pronounced like the "u" in "fun"
"e" is pronounced like the "e" in "bed" or the "a" in "baby"
"i" is pronounced like the "i" in "bit" or the "ee" in "beet"
"o" is pronounced like the "o" in "on"
"u" is pronounced like the "u" in "put"
"ch" (often transliterated "h") is a guttural sound like the "ch" in "Bach"
In addition, the accent on almost all Hebrew words is on the last syllable when the word has two or more syllables.


Greetings and Basic Conversation


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Some Questions


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Form(s) tofes (tfassim)
Document mismah
Authorization/permit ishur
File tik
Information (information desk) meida (modi-in)
Reception hours she'ot kabala



Apartment dira
House bayit
Apartment house beit megurim/beit dirot
Address ketovet
Lease/contract hozeh
Rent (noun) s’har dira
Landlord ba'al habayit
Tenant dayar
Guarantor(s) arev (arevim)
Room(s) heder (hadarim)
Kitchen mitbach
Refrigerator mekarer
Stove kirayim/gaz
Oven tanur
Dining room hadar ohel
Dining corner pinat ohel
Living room/lounge salon
Closet aron
Table shulhan
Chair/armchair kiseh/kursa
Bedroom hadar sheina
Bed mita
Balcony mirpesset
Heating himum/hasaka
Heater tanur
Air conditioner mazgan
Elevator ma'alit
Electricity hashmal
Water mayim
Telephone telefon



Car auto/mehonit
License rishayon
Insurance bituah
Driver nehag
Passenger nosse'a
Seatbelt hagurat b’tichut
Parking hanaya
Left smola
Right yemina
Straight yashar
Forward kadima
Backward ahora



Public transportation tahbura tziburit
Bus autobus
Bus station/stop tahanat autobus
Central station tahana merkazit
Train rakevet
Railway station tahanat rakevet
Taxi monit
Meter monei
Shared taxi sherut