Structure and Scope of Studies in the Faculty

(a) Overseas students attending the university on the one-year program.
(b) Holders of a recognized academic degree.
(c) Teachers on sabbatical.
(d) Students in other Israeli institutions of higher education.
(e) Staff of Hebrew University laboratories.
(f) Outstanding high school students.

Those interested should apply to the faculty’s teaching secretariat.


1. Planning the course load: The quota of studies of 24 credits per semester allows for the degree to be completed in three years. These studies require an additional investment of time for review and deep analysis of the studied material, additional reading, preparing exercises, laboratory reports etc. Students are thus advised not to undertake a greater study load. Students who feel that their ability and prior preparation enable them to take more courses will be allowed to do so, but they are advised to consult with the advisor of the teaching program.

2. Limiting the duration of studies: The determining rule is that only courses studied in the last seven years will be taken into account for fulfilling the requirements for the degree. This rule also applies in a case where studies for the degree were suspended. Starting with the fifth year (sixth in 4-year tracks) a student will not be allowed to devise a study program without approval from the Teaching Committee which will examine the reasons for the delay in completing the studies and the prospects for completing the studies for the degree.