Special Programs for Outstanding Students

BACHELOR’S DEGREE STUDIES → Special Programs for Outstanding Students

1. The faculty offers a variety of special programs for outstanding students in addition to the Amirim program, which will be mentioned below. The options vary depending on the course of study according to the following principles:

a. The Life Sciences teaching program offers a special study track, Etgar, for outstanding students (see details in the program of the teaching program).
The combined programs Exact Sciences/Computer Science and Computational Biology have courses in a direct Master’s degree track and are designed for outstanding students.

b. Outstanding students may apply for permission to diverge from the regular study track. Exceptions that will be considered include exemption from the obligation to take compulsory courses. Such exemption will enable them to participate in other courses, in the framework of the faculty or the university as a whole, according to the student’s interests and wishes. Likewise an option will be considered of taking advanced courses without having to fulfill their prerequisites.

c. There are advanced courses in the faculty, in the frameworks of both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Some of these courses are open to outstanding Bachelor’s degree students. The framework of the courses allows for personal discussions between teachers and students, and they require much independent work. Participation in these courses may be taken into account when a student is considered for a Teaching Assistant position during his Master’s and doctoral studies.

d. In some teaching programs it is possible to carry out a personal research project in the framework of one of the research laboratories. Such a project requires submission of a written work summary and will be considered as an advanced course. It provides students with experience in research and assists in understanding the overall study content and selecting the track for continuing studies. Approval may be given to especially outstanding students to carry out an expanded project (up to 20 credits) similar to the research project required of students of Amirim.

2. Amirim program for outstanding students:

Students with especially high admission attainments (as determined by the university) are invited to join a special program toward a Bachelor of Science degree. During their second year, they will be invited to join a program for students awarded the Rector’s or Dean’s Prize for their achievements in the first year. An Amirim student who does not excel in his studies at the end of his first year may be transferred to a regular study program. This decision will take into account the study program selected by the student, in terms of its scope and the challenge inherent in the combination of courses.

Amirim students may select study programs that correspond to their own interests, multidisciplinary studies including studies in departments in other faculties. These programs will be determined in conjunction with the advisors of the various teaching programs and the coordinator of the program.

During his third year each Amirim student will conduct a research project of his choice, under the supervision of a faculty member. A student of the program will be awarded a special Bachelor’s certificate indicating that he participated in the Amirim program for outstanding students and that he submitted a research project whose grade will be noted on the certificate. Those who complete the program will be offered study programs for higher degrees according to their achievements, including an option to study in a direct Ph.D. track.

For further details see the section on study tracks for the Bachelor’s degree.