Outstanding Students and Dean's Awards for a Master's Degree

Outstanding students for a Master’s degree

Outstanding students may be eligible for inclusion in the Dean’s and Rector’s Lists based on their achievements during their studies for the Master’s degree (after year 1 and year 2).

Dean’s Lists for a Master’s degree

The Dean’s List will include students or graduates whose proportion of the number of degree students in the previous year does not exceed 10% of the students in that year, according to the following criteria:

During that year they took at least 40% of the scope of studies required for the degree (27% in a three-year program).

The average of their grades in that year is not below 85.

The average for the classification will include all the grades from the previous year, including grades in supporting studies, supplementary studies and extra studies.

Courses in which a non-numerical grade such as “exempt” and/or “credit” was awarded which were recognized on the basis of studies in another institution (not including studies in a student exchange framework) will not be counted in the credits for classification as outstanding students.

Dean’s awards for a Master’s degree
•    First-year Master’s degree students will be granted merit awards based on their admission data in order to encourage them to study for that degree and integrate in academic work. The award will be given to a certain percentage of first-year students for that degree in the faculty in which their final grade in the Bachelor’s degree was not below 90.
•    The award will be granted to students in the research track or in a program in which the transfer to a research track is possible only toward the second year.
•    The faculty may grant some of the Master’s merit awards to students beginning their studies for that degree in semester 2.
•    Merit awards for second-year Master’s students will be given to a certain percentage of students in their second year of study for that degree in the faculty based on their grade average in all the courses taken in the previous year not including reactivated courses and language courses (Hebrew or English) taken for exemption.
•    The Dean’s award for a Master’s degree will be granted in the form of a subsistence scholarship for a year and exemption from personal tuition not exceeding 100% of annual tuition.