Admission Requirements

1.  There are two minimum preconditions for admission to Master’s degree studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:

a.  A grade of 85 and above in a relevant Bachelor’s degree program, except for specific teaching programs where students may be admitted with a grade of 80 and above (the degree must be completed before the beginning of the academic year), including exemption from English language studies. The relevance of the various Bachelor’s degrees for the various teaching programs will be determined by the teaching programs themselves.

b.  Fulfilling the teaching program’s regular admission requirements, including a meeting/interview with the head of the teaching program or someone on his behalf (advisor, Admissions Committee).


2.  Admission other than in accordance with the above conditions must be approved in writing by the head of the teaching program and by the faculty.

3.   As part of the admission requirements, the head of the teaching program may require students to complete preliminary courses (which will not be deducted from the credits required for the degree, see Study Programs and Master’s Courses below). Students must complete these courses as a condition for continuing their studies, within the time and according to the threshold grade requirements as determined by the head of the teaching program. The grades of these courses will not count in the average of the Master’s degree courses.

4.  As stated in section 3, if the number of supplementary credits exceeds 16, students will be classified as “Master’s supplementary” for up to two semesters (supplementary year) before commencing their degree studies. “Master’s supplementary” students may also register at the same time for Master’s courses that are not in the supplementary framework, if this is possible according to the admission requirements. If the number of supplementary credits is less than 16, students may complete the credits while studying for the degree. The head of the teaching program may allow deviation from this number according to students’ specific study program.
5.  Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a non-relevant scientific field must complete a minimum of 40 supplementary credits, including 8-10 in Mathematics and Statistics courses. The head of the teaching program may increase the scope of the supplementary studies. If students had in the past taken courses that are relevant to the Master’s program, these can be offset against the required supplementary studies, at the discretion of the head of the teaching program.

6.  As stated in section 4, “Master’s supplementary” students will not have to find a supervisor, unless this is required by the teaching program. Master’s supplementary students will not receive teaching positions, and the teaching program is not obligated to award scholarships to students who do not have a supervisor.

7.  Admission to specific specializations such as Rationality or Nano-Technology is in accordance with the specific admission requirements of each specialization.

8.  Every teaching program may set additional individual procedures or more stringent procedures in consultation with the faculty. These procedures will be posted in the usual manner.

9.  After registering in the university system, students must register with the faculty secretariat for Master’s students which will transfer the material to the relevant teaching program for further action.

10.  Students are invited to contact the teaching program before registering to receive information about their prospects of being admitted to that teaching program and the usual degree studies procedures at that teaching program, as well as their prospects for receiving a scholarship and/or teaching position at the teaching program.