Food on campus







Atlas Menza "Atlas": Hot meat and falafel food buffet on level -1 in the administration building. 

Fabiano Boys: Italian style hot and cold dairy buffet located in the Weiss Auditorium Building (“The Piano").

"Shablul” (“Snail”): Self-service sandwich buffet located   east of the main entrance gate for pedestrians (toward   Canada halls).

The Shprintsak Buffet: Hot drinks and sandwiches buffet located at the Shprinzak entrance.

Engineering Building Buffet: Italian style hot and cold dairy   buffet in the Rothberg building.

Karnaf at the   Harman Library:  Sandwiches and hot drinks buffet on level -1 of the Harman Library.

Karnaf at Silverman: Dairy buffet with make-it-yourself salads, sandwiches and hot drinks at the entrance floor of the Silverman building.

Hameshek Building Buffet: Hot home-style meat buffet in Hameshek Building near the Bergman building.

SODEXO Menza: Hot meat buffet food located in a separate building in the Zweig dormitories (between France House and the Lieberman dormitories).

Café Ivrit: An upscale vegetarian and vegan café located the entrance of Cosell gym.

National Library Cafe: Buffet that serves salads and choose-it-yourself sandwiches and fresh pastries. On the first floor, access to the cafeteria is through the National Library.

The Student Union coffee corner: The Student Union operates a specially discounted coffee and tea service. Located in the student club within the teachers’ hut, between the Shprintsak and Berman buildings. This service operates through a trust fund and is open until late hours.

Microwaves to heat food from home: The Student Union operates microwave corners available for student use. There are about six microwaves in the teachers’ hut and there is one additional microwave   located in Canada.

Vending machines: There are beverage and candy vending machines scattered around campus. Most of the machines are located near the entry to various buildings on campus but some of them are also on the higher floors.

Supermarket: There is one supermarket located at the “millennium expanse” in the dormitory area.